Welcome to Medics’ Inn

Dr Wumi
Hi, my name is Wumi. I’m a doctor working in England, I’ll give you the short version of how this all started, (but to get the real deal, read this!)

I created Medics’ Inn to be a free online resource for anyone interested in exploring what Nigeria has to offer medical students and professionals coming from different poles of the globe. I too am learning and exploring the richness of Nigeria, so why not do it together!?

Through my personal searches I’ve collected information you’ll find very helpful in organising your medical elective in Nigeria – Medics Inn Nigeria

With the help of some amazing doctors and medical students I’ll share our clinical and educational experiences of Nigeria – Elective Reports

You can’t go to a country like Nigeria and not thoroughly enjoy yourself by experiencing, dancing or tasting Nigeria – Travel

General chit chat and sharing – Blog

I’ll leave all my available resources on 1 page, feel free to download and share what’s there – Free Resources

Just a few important things to mention – Disclaimer


Last, but definitely not least. If you would like to go to Nigeria for your medical elective just send me an email and we can start from there. Don’t be shy! Share your own experience. Say hi! Or ask a question. I won’t bite – Contact