Medics’ Inn is a UK registered company that organises medical elective placements in Nigeria for medical students. Medical students, have a strong desire to gain medical experience in Nigeria but are often frustrated and intimidated by the organisation process, Medics’ Inn is the solution to this problem.

The mission of Medics’ Inn is to empower medical students and young professionals internationally to have educational, innovative and inspiring medical experiences in Nigeria through medical electives, and to make a difference in their local community as a result of their experiences. 

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  • Adepero

    “…I’m grateful for this opportunity as I have honed my clinical skills and have a broader view of medicine as a profession…”

  • Abiola

    “…I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to work in a state hospital and I have no regrets…”

  • Wumi

    “ amazing and life changing experience for many reasons..”