Medics’ Inn is a UK registered company providing medical placements in Nigeria.

Medical and nursing students, pre-medical students, nurses and doctors have a strong desire to gain medical experience in African countries like Nigeria but are often frustrated and intimidated by the organisation process, Medics’ Inn is the solution to this problem.

Our mission is to create inspiring, empowering and innovative medical placements in Nigeria for students and professionals.

  • Victor

    Doing this placement has put me in better standing for the future. I used to be anxious of travelling alone, especially to a developing country like Nigerian for a medical placement. Medic’s Inn have streamlined the process for me, so now I feel more confident to travel anywhere in future for medical work.

  • ” It was a fantastic experience. I saw nursing practice from anther angle though they also follow evidence based practice. The intruging part is the ability to care for patients without having most of the latest gadgets used in the UK. The standard of care is good but can be great if attitudes are changed.”

    Nursing Elective, Euracare Multi-specialist Hospital, Lagos March 2022

    Boavintura Ferreira
  •  I would definitely recommend a medical placement at UATH

    Annie Brunskill
  • Our elective at UATH was absolutely fantastic and I learnt so much medicine. I am hoping to visit again in the future

    Annie Brunskill
  • Adepero

    “…I’m grateful for this opportunity as I have honed my clinical skills and have a broader view of medicine as a profession…”

  • Abiola

    “…I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to work in a state hospital and I have no regrets…”