Welcome to Medics’ Inn

Hi, my name is Wumi. I’m a doctor working in England, I’ll give you the short version of how this all started. But to know the real deal, read about how my medical elective experience in Nigeria led to the creation of Medics’ Inn, click here!

I created Medics’ Inn to be a free online resource for all who desire to explore what Nigeria has to offer medical students and professionals coming from all over the world and all over Nigeria. I too am learning and exploring the richness of Nigeria, so why not do it together!?

Our team has collected information you’ll find entertaining and very helpful in organising your medical elective in Nigeria. We support students to organise a medical elective in Nigeria with our resources and Medical Elective Programme and Medics’ Inn Elective Bursary. We are eager to make the organisation of electives in Nigeria as enjoyable as the clinical and holiday experience.

With the help of some amazing doctors and medical students we share as many testimonials of medical experience in Nigeria as we can. We want our readers can have a realistic understanding and expectation of working as a healthcare professional in Nigeria, whether this is on a temporary or permanent basis.

Needless to say, you cannot go to a country like Nigeria for work experience and not thoroughly enjoy other aspects of Nigerian culture. We’ll share our experience and search of the best of Nigerian culture; food, entertainment, tourism so your medical experience in is enriched!

We also have an open blogging space, this platform is open to all who are aligned with our vision and have something of value to share. Everyone has unique experiences that others need to hear; one person’s story is another person’s answered prayer!