How To Arrange An Elective In Nigeria – breaking it down, step by step

If you find the task of organising your elective in Nigeria daunting, do not worry, Medics’ Inn can help you along the way. Here are some steps to organising you elective. Sign up to our mailing list, we can connect with you better and give you personalised advice and support.

  1. Confirm with your Medical School if Nigeria is an acceptable location for your medical elective

(e.g. Some medical schools discourage travel to regions advised against by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office)

  1. You must decide on the following:
    1. Duration of your elective period.
    2. What type of location you would like: Rural or Urban?
    3. What you would like to get out of your elective: Aims and objectives
  2. Know exactly what information is required by your Medical Schools to register/confirm your medical elective.
  3. Select the hospitals you would like to carry out an elective experience in.
  4. Create an elective proposal letter (click here to view a sample letter)
  5. Make contact with hospitals and follow through with the hospital’s requirements to arrange an elective. Also query if the hospital can provide accommodation.
  6. Have patience
  7. Confirm your elective.
  8. Arrange accommodation
  9. Research other learning opportunities available in surrounding region

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