Who is Medics’ Inn and Why are We here?

Medics’ Inn is simply a blog. We create and share posts to encourage and inspire student doctors along their journey. We also know, there are those who are pre-medical school and post-medical school who would also be encouraged and inspired by our content, so we encourage everyone to take a peak.
As you can see, there is also this amazing thing called Medics’ Inn Nigeria, here we provide help. Like many other places in the world, and many other African countries, we truly believe the country Nigeria is a gem for those with medical interests! We noticed there is little information available for student doctors to arrange medical placements in Nigeria, so we thought we would provide what we can and support y’all where we can! So far, we have provided some great tips on how to arrange an elective or medical placement in Nigeria. We have also provided some of our own resources, like an application letter. We encourage y’all to get in touch with your questions. We like to share reports of placements in Nigeria that will inspire others to explore and consider the benefits of Nigeria.
We post regularly every week; you can expect our inspirational quote of the week on Sundays (giving you that emotional boost you will need for the week) and a post on Thursdays. We drop other interesting posts throughout the weeks as well. We would love to connect with you all. We would like to answer your questions. We would like to refer you to helpful sites and resources. The beauty of Medics’ Inn, is the freedom we give our followers to share their personal ideas, this is not the place for evidence based medicine! But, this is a place of comfort and solace.
Here at Medics’ Inn we have some big dreams and aspiration; all ultimately, to encourage and inspire student doctors along their journey. As our community grows we hope to offer more than blog posts, we want to offer workshops, rich resources and unique opportunities for our followers.
So get involved, comment on a post or two, share your own thoughts and experiences.


Photo Credit: PhotoPin


Medics’ Inn


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